Celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month with Sherlock's

Sherlock’s would like help guide you in celebrating National Bourbon Heritage Month. 
Each week, we will feature a Bourbon worth trying or re-trying. 

This week, we honor Jefferson’s Bourbon. 
Jefferson’s Bourbon is a collection of “Ridiculously Small Batch” straight whiskeys produced by skillfully marrying a selection of barrels of various ages. Founded over fifteen years ago by Trey Zoeller and his father Chet, a well-known bourbon historian, Jefferson’s Bourbon pays homage to one of the country’s most complex founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. A man widely recognized for his scientific mind and experimental nature, Thomas Jefferson has served as a source of inspiration for the ever-evolving Jefferson’s brand.
Jefferson’s Reserve: The first bourbon released by Jefferson’s, the Reserve is a complex, yet balanced combination of 3 different bourbons, including whiskey aged up to 20 years in American Oak. The result is a medium-weight bourbon with a dry, robust palate that fills with the mouth with flavors of roasted corn, caramel, toffee and oak.
*Limited Inventory. More Available to order*
Jefferson’s Bourbon: Similar to the Reserve, Jefferson’s is a marriage of a number of bourbons of different recipes and ages. Profiling younger than the Reserve, at 8-12 years of aging, Jefferson’s still brings in large bourbon flavors to this relatively inexpensive offering . The flavors of vanilla, caramel and assorted fruits assure an incredibly smooth taste and finish.

Jefferson’s Rye: The newest addition to the Jefferson’s line, Jefferson’s Rye is made with 10 year old North American Straight Rye Whiskey. It offers a fantastic combination of age, purity and strength. Jefferson’s Rye features a full body with classic caramel and vanilla flavors and a mid-palate spiciness that is slightly tempered by notes of dark chocolate.
*Limited Inventory. More Available to order*
To celebrate America’s Native Spirit and National Bourbon Heritage Month, the city of Bardstown, Kentucky has hosted the Kentucky Bourbon Festival every September since 1991. The festival is dedicated to celebrating the history and art of distilling bourbon whisky.
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