New Gosling's Dark 'n Stormy Cocktail

Gosling’s famous Dark and Stormy cocktail is now available in ready to drink 4-pack cans!


The Gosling brothers began making rum in the late 1800’s, becoming a favorite of those stationed at the British Royal Navy’s Bermuda shipyard. The English sailors began bringing ginger beer from their homeland, and it didn’t take long before the Gosling Brothers’ famous Black Seal rum found its way into glasses of the refreshing beverage. Sailors noted that when mixed, the drink resembled ” a storm cloud that neither a fool nor a dead man would sail under” and the Dark and Stormy cocktail was born. 

Now it’s easier than ever to enjoy Bermuda’s national drink with Gosling’s ready-to-drink Dark and Stormy Cocktails! These cocktails pack a great punch for a pre-made drink, and include only Gosling’s famous Black Seal Rum and Gosling’s trademark ginger beer. 

Gosling’s Dark and Stormy ready to drink cocktails are sold as 4-pack 250ml cans for Only $9.99!

Beat the Hot and Muggy with a Dark and Stormy!