Just In! Jefferson Grand Sélection – Two Finishes to Choose From!

Jefferson Grand Sélection

Thomas Jefferson was America’s first ambassador to France, and while there fell in love with the fine wines of Bordeaux. Among his favorites were Sauternes from Chateau Suduiraut and the legendary reds from Chateau Pichon Baron. In keeping with tradition, the folks at Jefferson’s felt it was only appropriate to finish their  bourbon in barrels which once held their namesake’s favorite wines. Only forty hand-selected barrels of each were produced, making these among the rarest of Jefferson’s limited bottlings. 


Jefferson’s Grand Sélection – Château Pichon Baron Finish

This whiskey combines the robust flavor of Bordeaux with toasty wood notes of American and French oak. Intense flavor, with hints of chocolate and fresh brewed coffee. The finish is fruity and spicy with a pronounced flavor of wine that lingers on the palate. 


Jefferson’s Grand Sélection – Château Suduiraut Finish

This is a unique whiskey that marries the crisp citrus notes of Sauternes, the vanilla and honey from both American and French oak, and the leather and toffee flavors Jefferson’s bourbon is known for in a complex and balanced way. 

If you’re a lover of whiskey and French wine, don’t miss this chance at two incredibly unique whiskies! 

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