Local Refreshment from Savannah Bourbon Co.

Savannah 88 Bourbon


Savannah 88 Bourbon is smooth-sipping whiskey made right here in Georgia using quality local ingredients. The star of the mash bill is locally farmed Silver Queen corn, revered for its rich sweet flavor. Other notable elements of the “8 grain mash bill” are red winter wheat (also grown locally) and coastal rye, which is grown along the banks of the Savannah River. The Silver Queen corn imparts a gentle sweetness to the whisky, making it very easy to drink. Savannah 88 is a blend of traditional bourbon aged in new charred American white oak barrels paired with small batch “bright bourbon,” which is aged in baby barrels for six months. After blending, it’s hand bottled at a generous but approachable 88 proof.

The nose is a bit honeyed and floral, but gives way to vanilla, cinnamon, and spice in the mouth. There’s a definite sweetness imparted by the aforementioned Silver Queen corn, but it’s balanced nicely by the spice from the coastal Savannah rye. Savannah 88 is an excellent choice for easy summer sipping, and a worthy example of what bourbon from Georgia can be! Stop in and try a bottle today!

Savannah Sweet Tea Lemonade Bourbon


Lowcountry refreshment at its finest! Savannah Sweet Tea Lemonade is a culmination of the south’s most iconic summer beverages, all in one bottle! Handcrafted Savannah 88 bourbon is infused with all natural tea and spring citrus for a beverage that’s as cool and refreshing as a coastal breeze. Stop in today and try a bottle of this Georgia-born back porch sipper!