New Year’s Day aftercare. . .

If your party was lit,
find a recovery that fits!
1941 Vodka
American made from the finest Midwestern corn, 1941 Vodka is distilled 6 times for a clean, smooth taste. Makes a perfect bloody mary!
$24.98 (1.75L)
Papa Lou’s Tomatillo Bloody Mary Mix
Local favorite Papa Lou’s Tomatillo mix is by far our favorite bloody mary mix, especially for a rough after-party morning. The perfect blend of spice and delicious tomatillos is sure to make this your favorite as well!
In the search for the fabled “hangover cure,” we’ve managed to find one product that actually works… or at least works as well as anything can to bring you back to functionality. Biolyte uses a proprietary blend of electrolytes and natural ingredients that function as an “IV in a Bottle,” helping you recover faster than ever before. Nothing is going to cure a hangover completely, but Biolyte certainly takes the edge off quite a bit. Works great for general dehydration too! Try it!
Only $3.99
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