Rare And Extraordinary Bacardi Facundo Rum! Very Limited Availability

The legacy of this groundbreaking new rum collection dates back to February 4, 1862, when Don Facundo Bacardí Massó purchased a small distillery in Santiago de Cuba. This earnest man was dedicated to bringing rums of unsurpassed quality, elegance and refinement to the world. Don Facundo Bacardí Massó created rum as we know it today. He personally bottled his rum during a time when rum was only sold in barrels or in small containers. He signed every single bottle of rum that he made, to show that he stood by his product.
~Selections Available~
Bacardi Facundo “Neo” $49.99* (Two Bottles Available)
“NEO” means “new” referring to the reinvention of light tasting rum by the Bacardi Family. The art of the Facundo Neo liquid is the special filtration of the aged rum using an exclusive charcoal technique that removes the color but not the flavors imparted by the barrel. Facundo Neo is a blend up rums aged up to 8 years. The combination allows for a remarkable lightness balanced with characters of aged rum.
Bacardi Facundo “Eximo” $69.99* (Two Bottles Available)
Bacardi took cues from Cuba’s rich history in the golden era, Facundo Eximo is crafted with striking sun rays on the bottle. The “X” represents that the rum inside is aged a minimum of 10 years. What sets Facundo Eximo apart is how the medium and full-bodied rums are blended before they are aged. They are then put into casks and left untouched.
Bacardi Facundo “Exquisito” $139.99* ( 1 Bottle Available)
The embodiment of the culture, music and vibrant passion of Havana’s heyday. Exquisito celebrates the vivaciousness of this golden era. This is a unique blend that represents an ideal moment in time. This impeccable spirit is a blend of 7 and 23 year old rums from the Bacardi family’s private reserve and aged in sherry casks, which lend an extensive mellowness. A feat of elegance and subtlety, this rum is a show-case of the extensive refinement and variety of the Bacardi rum library.
Bacardi Facundo “Paraiso” $299.99* (1 Bottle Available)
Paraiso celebrates the memory of Don Facundo Bacardi Masso. The images on the bottle are steeped in cuban tradition and bacardi history. From the first distillery, owned by Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, to the magnificent Edificio Bacardi, the Bacardi Office in Havana. The high quality rums in the Bacardi Family reserve are represented in the utter perfection that is Facundo Paraiso. Comprised of the finest rums aged up to 23 years.
After aging, the rums are blended together and rested in French XO casks. This artistry results in an impeccably smooth, medium bodied rum with a distinctive deep amber color. Facundo is meant to be savored neat at holidays and special occasions.
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